Angkasa Pura Airports Holding Ramadan Campaign of "#BandaraNyamanMudikAman' and Idul Fitri Monitoring Post

20 May 2018

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Jakarta, May 20, 2018 - As a form of service readiness in facing the potential of passenger surge during the Idul Fitri exodus (locally known as mudik) season 2018, Angkasa Pura Airports as the airport operator  of 13 airports in central and eastern Indonesia initiate Ramadan Campaign titled #BandaraNyamanMudikAman (Convenient Airport, Travel Safely) to communicate various excellent services in airport to all airport service users, especially passengers, during Ramadan and Idul Fitri homecoming - returning holiday 2018.

In addition, as a part of the campaign activities and in support of the Government program in launching the homecoming and returning of Idul Fitri 2018, Angkasa Pura Airports held the  Air Transport Monitoring Post of Idul Fitri in 13 airports cooperating with various parties such as TNI (military), POLRI (police department), Airport authority, AIRNAV, BASARNAS (Search & Rescue Department), BMKG (Meteorology Department), KKP (Port Health Office), CIQ (Custom, Immigration, Quarantine), the airlines, and ground handling.

"We need to communicate the readiness of our services to the stakeholders, especially to prospective passengers, so that they can take advantage of our facilities and services during Ramadan and Idul Fitri mudik season. In addition, the campaign #BandaraNyamanMudikAman is an effort to open a direct communication channel with prospective passengers through contact center service 172 and all our communication channels in social media," explained by Director of Angkasa Pura Airports, Faik Fahmi.

Angkasa Pura Airports has made various efforts to improve services at 13 airports during Ramadan which is packaged in Campaign #BandaraNyamanMudikAman, i.e. free takjil (break fasting food) distribution at 11 airports, live music performance at several airports, nursery room, kid zone or playground that can be used by passengers who carrying children while waiting for their flights, airport cinema that played religious movies during Ramadan at SAMS Sepinggan Balikpapan Airport, Ramadan lectures/speech at several airports were held at certain times, and improvement of other public facilities.

Meanwhile, in the 'AP I Berbagi' (AP I Shares) social program, as part of #BandaraNyamanMudikAman campaigns, Angkasa Pura Airports distributed social aid in total of IDR 1.8 billion, which was distributed through several programs, such as the distribution of 2,650 free groceries packages in 11 airport branches, Ministry of Transportation Bazaar Program in Semarang worth IDR 75 million. For the free takjil distribution at the airport, Angkasa Pura Airports prepared takjil up to about 156 thousand takjil packages during Ramadan.

Angkasa Pura Airports also organized "Mudik Bareng BUMN - Angkasa Pura Airports 2018" for free, for 2000 Idul Fitri travelers to the following routes: Jakarta - Semarang (north route), Jakarta - Solo (north route), Jakarta - Yogyakarta (south route). The departure will take place at two phases on June 9, especially for the first 40 travelers to Yogyakarta destination and on June 11 for the 1960 travelers to Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta. For the registration period of the program itself had started since 23 April until May 25, 2018.

Idul Fitri Air Transportation Monitoring Posts 2018

As an effort to support the Government Program, in accelerating Idul Fitri mudik season 2018 which is also part of Ramadan Campaign #BandaraNyamanMudikAman, Angkasa Pura Airports also organized the Integrated Idul Fitri Monitoring Posts at all airports (13 branches of the airport). Implementation of Idul Fitri Air Transportation Monitoring Posts is one of Angkasa Pura I service in facing the exodus of homecoming and returning Idul Fitri 2018.

Idul Fitri Transportation Monitoring Posts will be held on June 7 (D–8) to 24 June (D-8) with peak period of homecoming will be on 8–10 June and peak of returning will be on June 22-24. The post of Idul Fitri Transportation involved the internal party of Angkasa Pura Airports [aviation security officer, apron movement control  (AMC), passenger service, airport rescue and fire fighting (ARFF), data entry, information technology, facility readiness & equipment readiness] and external parties [TNI, Police, Airport Authority (Otban), Airnav, SAR, KKP, custom-immigration-quarantine (CIQ), airline, and ground handling].

"Integrated air transportastion monitoring posts is on of our commitment and also all airport community to provide our excellent services during Idul Fitri holiday so that passenger will still feel comfortable, especially in this peak season periode. In addition,  we are also committed to create a comfortable, safe, and conducive atmosphere during this Idul Fitri holiday," said by Angkasa Pura Airports Operations Director Wendo, Asrul Rose.