Yogyakarta International Airport Opens New Route to Lombok

02 Aug 2019

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JAKARTA - Angkasa Pura Airports has added more flight routes at Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) in Kulon Progo to Lombok International Airport (LOP) served by the AirAsia

The inaugural flight by Airbus A320 flight number QZ650, carrying 116 passengers from Lombok arrived at YIA at 08:35 local time on Thursday (1/8).

The airport management gave a speech during the launching of the new route. Apart from holding water salute ceremony when the plane landed, there was also a symbolic handover of flowers to the first 10 passengers who got off the plane.

"We welcome the launch of the AirAsia route that connects Yogyakarta International Airport and Lombok International Airport. As one of Indonesia's leading tourism destinations and even at international level, Lombok has a lot of beautiful beaches, delicious foods, and its location is also near to Bali," said Angkasa Pura Airportsmarketing and service director Devy Suradji.

Flights connecting Yogyakarta to Lombok will certainly increase connectivity as well as the number of local and international tourists, considering that they are two leading destinations which contribute the number of foreign tourists to Indonesia.

At present, Lombok International Airport serves flights to 12 destinations, of which three of them are international destinations; Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Perth.

"I've seen a review on Youtube, saying that the airport is great with typical Yogyakarta interior. I also felt that the landing was smoother compared to other airports,said Muzammir, 25, one of the passengers from West Lombok.

He and his colleagues from Lombok went to Yogyakarta for a holiday and chose flights via YIA because they were curious about the new airport.

Meanwhile, Dewi Agustini, 33, said, this was her first time visiting Yogyakarta.

I live in Lombok and it is my first time visiting Yogyakarta. I come here for a holiday with my family. It is a safe and comfortable landing,Dewi said.

"This flight is amazing. Wed like express our gratitude for [allowing] Air Asia to land at YIA. The weather is also good with a visibility of six kilometers. The airport is excellent! Thank God we landed on-time today,said AirAsia pilot Dodi Oktavia.

After the ceremonial activity of welcoming the passengers from Lombok, the AirAsia flight  with flight number QZ651 returned to LOP, departed at 09.00 local time. The plane carried 136 passengers and arrived at Lombok International Airport at 11:25 local time.

"The opening of LOP-YIA-LOP route has improved connectivity of two of Indonesia's leading tourist destinations. It is hoped that the opportunity to bring foreign tourists to DIY and its surroundings will be even greater, thus further supporting the growth of national tourism," Devy said.