Angkasa Pura Airports Inaugurates First-High Technology Security Facility in Indonesia

04 Sep 2019

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MANGUPURA - Angkasa Pura Airports inaugurated an automated tray return system (X-ray ATRS) which is a passenger and baggage inspection facility with advanced scanning technology at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali.

Apart from the ATRS x-ray, a boarding pass scanner (flap barrier) and auto-gate passport (immigration) were also inaugurated. The use of ATRS x-ray, and auto-gate passports (immigration) is the first in Indonesia and is a form of the company's commitment improve sustainable airport services.

The inauguration was carried out by Angkasa Pura Airports President Director Faik Fahmi and the Law and Human Rights Ministrys Director General of Immigration Ronny F. Sompie at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport on Tuesday (3/9).

ATRS X-ray is a passenger and baggage inspection system with the latest scanning technology installed at the screening check point (SCP) area at the international departure terminal. It will improve security, increase accuracy and reduce stress due to queuing time, and various other benefits.

The X-ray ATRS will also speed up the process of inspecting goods and potential passengers. If conventional x-ray is only able to check 155 trays per hour with a maximum of goods that can be checked during peak hours of 235 trays, ATRS x-ray is able to check up to 285 trays per hour with maximum capability during peak hours of 410 trays per hour.

From the results of sampling data, which was taken 12 times in the afternoon and evening (during operational rush hours), an efficiency of 383% was obtained when using ATRS facility. The facility can save the screening process time at SCP 2 or 3.83 times faster.

For airlines, the ATRS x-ray also provides several benefits such as improve airlinesservice related to delay, increasing the level of punctuality of departure by reducing queues to pile up at SCP 2, and avoiding losses due to delays caused by inspection process. ATRS X-ray is equipped with a smart-view baggage monitoring device, explosive trace detector, and body scanner.

Smart-view, which is useful for monitoring the results of x-ray baggage scanning, is equipped with 10 work stations and security-efficiency management system (SEMS). With a technology that is able to identify potentially dangerous goods more quickly and accurately as well as separating baggage suspected to be dangerous, the inspection process will be faster without causing a long queue.

"Some of these new facilities will speed up the inspection process for goods, passengers, boarding passes, and passports for immigration purposes so that the prospective passengers will be more comfortable when going through the inspection process at the airport. As an airport operator, Angkasa Pura Airports is always committed to prioritizing passenger comfort without overriding aspects of flight security. One of them is through the implementation of this new facility,Faik said. 

At present, there are a total of 16 units of passport (immigration) auto-gate machines, of which 6 are in the international arrival terminal and 10 units in the international departure terminal. The total time taken by passengers when using this auto-gate machine is only 30 seconds, a relatively short time to pass through the immigration process.

As for the boarding pass scanner, there are 12 units installed at the international departure terminal. The facility is intended to ease passengers who can automatically scan their boarding passes without having to queue for manual scanning. The facility can be used by passengers who carry boarding passes in the form of paper or soft file in smartphone.