Corporate Secretary

Corporate Secretary is an organ supporting the Board of Directors who have an important role in ensuring that the implementation aspects of the disclosure in the company. Corporate Secretary functions in internal and external communications, investor relations, as well as the secretariat of the leadership of the company. Corporate Secretary is under President Director and responsible directly to the President Director.

Corporate Secretary has a fundamental duty to ensure the achievement of the company’s image enhancement through management of corporate communications with internal and external parties; administer the company’s document; fostering inter-institutional relations; resolve problems associated with corporate law; and ensure the availability of information to stakeholder.

To facilitate the activities undertaken, Corporate Secretary unit oversees Stakeholder Relation & BoD Secretary Department and Corporate Communication Department.

Based on Directors Order Number SKEP.DU.271/KP.04.01/2022 dated May 24th, 2022, Vice President Corporate Secretary of PT Angkasa Pura is currently held by Rahadian D. Yogisworo.