Passenger Experience

Angkasa Pura Airports Passenger Experience

Aircraft is one of the choices of transportation modes for traveling. When traveling by airplane, certainly through the airport where Angkasa Pura I Airports is one of the airport operators in Indonesia. In order to provide convenience and clear information to the various airport service users, Angkasa Pura I Airports presents "Angkasa Pura I Airports Passenger Experience” as follow:

1.Journey of departing passenger through Angkasa Pura I Airports

   a.  Before going to the airport

   b.  Arriving at the airport

   c.  In the terminal

   d. Special needs services

   e. Check in process

   f. Immigration

   g. Boarding pass scanning and security check

   h. Departure

2.Journey of arriving passenger through Angkasa Pura I Airports

   a. Arrival at Angkasa Pura I Airports

   b. Baggage claim

   c. Customs

   d. Leaving the airport

3. Traveling with children

4. Special needs passenger and their companion

5. Traveling with and adminitering medication

6. What to do if you need help and deliver feedbacks

7. Traveling tips

Enjoy your time exploring the airport, your convenience, security and safety are our priorities. Feedbacks in the context of improving services, please dial 172 or +62 172 (international connection) or via email cc172@ap1.co.id, our officer will be happy to help you.

Thank you.