Vision, Mission, Values

Connecting the world beyond airport operator with Indonesian experience.

Our Mission

  • Providing world class service in compliance with the best safety, security and comfort standards; 
  • Improve stakeholder value;
  • Being a partner of the government and driving economic growth;
  • Improving the company's competitiveness through creativity and innovation;
  • Providing excellent airport services in meeting stakeholders' expectations through an outstanding human resource management;
  • Make a positive contribution to the environmental sustainability.



How the people of Angkasa Pura Airports appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of each element to add value to the company, economic development, and the environment wherever man Angkasa Pura Airports are


Power, passion and desire Angkasa Pura Airports people, who never gave up, proactively respond to change and rich in innovation.


Angkasa Pura Airports people’s characters are always in harmony between words with deeds, honest in performing their duties and obligations, and reliable.


Angkasa Pura Airports people commitment to provide excellent service with professional and responsible to satisfy customers on an ongoing basis.