Ch. II Vision, Mission, Commitment, and Corporate Culture


"To be one of the ten best airport management companies in Asia."



1.Enhancing the stakeholders’ value

2.Becoming a partner of the Indonesian government in driving the growth of the economy

3.Delivering excellent airport services that meet the standard for security, safety and convenience 

4.Strengthening the competitive advantage of the company through creativity and innovation

5.Contributing positively to the environment 



In implementing good corporate govenrnance (GCG), all employees of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) are committed to uphold the following principles of GCG:

•Transparency: openness in making decisions and openness in disclosing material and relevant information of the company;

•Accountability: bringing consequences to one’s effective performance in achieving the company’s goal;

•Responsibility: the commitment to achieve specific results for the company in accordance with the applicable laws and good corporate governance;

•Independency: a state of the company that is managed professionally with no conflict of interest nor influence/pressure from any party that may be against the rules and law and principles of good corporate governance;

•Fairness: upholding justice and equality in serving the rights of the stakeholders as a consequence of an agreement and the applicable law 



The corporate culture: the way of thinking, attitude and behavior of all personnel of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) based on integrity, profesionalism, and oriented towards the satisfaction of customers.

Every personnel of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) shall be responsible for improving the services to the customers and balancing the interest of the other stakeholders to achieve the vision, mission and objective of the company.


Corporate Values of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) 


Definition of values: 

The way of the personnel of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) in respecting diversity and uniqueness of every element of the company to add value to the company, for the development of the economy and environment, which is based on the important and lasting beliefs shared by all personnel of  PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) that influence their behavior and attitude in differentiating what is good or bad, for the company.


Guidelines for Behavior: 

•Intensive coordination among individuals, work units and stakeholders to create added value for the company and environment.

•Mutual respect in accepting recommendations, critics, and constructive opinions 

•Encouragement and enthusiasm to achieve high performance;


2.  Adaptive

Definition of values :

Spirit and desire of the personnel of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) to never surrender, pro-active in responding to change and fully innovative 


Guidelines for behavior : 

•Active in enhancing competence (skills and knowledge) through learning and sharing knowledge collectively and individually

•Pro-active in facing internal and external change 

•Never surrender by finding new innovative ways to accomplish tasks 


3.  Trustworthy 

Definition of values :

The character of the personnel of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) that upholds his/her words and action, reliable and honest in fulfilling duties and responsibilities.


Guidelines for behavior 

•Honest in maintaining true values 

•Integrity of words and action

•Disciplined in work 

•Responsible for the results without blaming others 



Definition of values :

Commitment of personnel of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) in delivering excellent services in a professional, responsible and sustainable manner 


Guidelines for behavior 

•Attitude and action to deliver excellent service to internal and external customers

•Prompt and accurate solutions to fulfill the needs of the customers by applying the required service standard 

•Competent and capable in accomplishing duties and providing quality solutions beyond customers’ expectation