C. IV Guidelines For Business Ethics

Business Ethics is a value system or norm adopted by the Company as a reference for the employees, the management, the Directors, and the Board of Commisioners in relations with all stakeholders of the company.


In performing their duties, all personnel of Angkasa Pura I shall comply with the Company’s Business Ethics as follows:



All personnel shall comply with the law, regulation and policy of the Company in all activities of the Company, and fulfill all the responsibilities to the customers and public, in accordance with the prevailing law, including sanctions for violations.

In performing their duties and fulfilling their responsibilities, all personnel of the Company shall comply to the policies, guidelines, procedures and work program, consistently and take the consequences to avoid any potential violation of law or professional ethics.


The Company is committed to comply with all the prevailing law or regulations in running the business by:

1.Complying with the National Govenrment/and or Regional Government regulation related to the Spatial Planning in developing the land property of the Company.

2.Comply with government regulations and uphold the agreement with business associations and business activities of the Company.

3.Prioritize settlement of any disputes through deliberation to reach an agreement with other parties, take legal action if the deliberation does not result in an agreement and respect the legal process of the case.

4.Prohibit any personnel of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) from making any payment to external parties for a purpose that violates the law or beimg involved in an activity that violates the law.

5.Prohibit business transactions with external parties that involve money laundering.

6.Support the enforcement of law by providing comprehensive and relevant information necessary for the law enforcers.


The commitment of the Company in implementing the principles of Good Corporate Governance supports the Company in enhancing the value of the Company for shareholders and stakeholders by:

1.Promoting the performance of the Company to achieve maximum sharholder’s value.

2.Developing the company and maintaining sustainable business.

3.Managing the investment of the Sharholders by maintaining a fair rate of return.

4.Providing complete, accurate and timely information.

5.Upholding the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability to the shareholders.


The Company is committed to disclose financial information by:

1.Preparing and presenting reports and relevant information to the public in accordancwe with the reporting standard in money market;

2.Preparing and applying sufficient internal control to prevent and detect any fraud in the financial report of the Company.

3.Ensuring that every transaction is accurately recorded in terms of amount and classification in the Company’s record.

4.Not making two different financial reports for whatever purpose.

5.Providing adequate disclosure of the financial report and notify the shareholders in the case of transactions with parties of special relationship.


The Company shall not tolerate any fraud in the financial reports.



Today’s customers are very aware of their rights and therefore they demand high quality service.

All services shall be delivered in a professional and excellent manner, and comply with the policy and procedures as set forth by the Company to fulfil the expectation of the customers and other stakeholders.

In maintaining the relationship with customers, the Company applies the principles of open competition, integrity, transparency, fairness and accountability to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Company is committed to continuously promote a culture for quality and professional service, that prioritizes the satisfication of the customers but at the same same time upholds the interest of the Company, and build a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial.


In maintaining relationships with customers, the Company shall:

1.Ensure that all information presented by the Company is correct, accurate, (not fraudulent)  and accountable.

2.Ensure that the contents of agreements or contracts with customers include the rights and responsibilities of each party.

3.Ensure that all customer complaints are addressed properly. 

4.Promote the service quality and customer satisfaction, in terms of technical and administrative aspects by monitoring customer satisfaction through questionnaires to customers.

5.Deliver prompt service and timely settlement of each activity with high responsiveness.

6.Comply with every written agreement based on good will and mutually beneficial for the parties involved and in accordance with the prevailing regulations.

7.Ensure that the promotion of products/service of the Company is transparent and not misleading.



As a corporate citizen, the Company consistently shall comply with the prevailing law and regulations and promote honesty and openness in maintaining work relationships and communication with the government and the authorized officers that are relevant to the business and operations of the Company.

In running the business, the Company shall apply fair and honest business practice in a healthy and fair competitive environment to achieve excellence in developing innovative and creative outlook. 

The Company shall ensure that the communication and dissemination of information does not violate any law or regulation, or Company policy, but upholds healthy and ethical business practice.  



The Company respects the rights and responsibiltieis of their business partners. The Company expects that the business partners gain reasonable profit in dealing business with the Company. 

The business partners of the Company are selected openly under a system developed by the Company.


In establishing relationships with business partners, the Company shall be responsible for:

a.Ensuring that the appointment of the business partners is done in an honest and fair, objective process without any pressure or coercion or collusion and in compliance with the prevailing regulations.

b.Ensuring that the appointed business partners satisfy the criteria and competence as set by Company and does not pose any conflict of interest.

c.Maintaining relationships by entering into agreements/contracts that clearly states the rights and responsibilities of the parties.

d.Ensuring that the Company fulfills its obligation of honoring payments on contracts in a timely manner and following the mechanism as set forth in the agreements.

e.Ensuring that the business partners fulfil its obligation as set forth in the contract/agreement.

f.Ensure that the business partner complies with the standard operation as stipulated by the Company.



Procurement of goods by the Company is to ensure the continuity of the supply of goods and services that supports the operations of the Company. The Company shall apply the principles of openness and competitiveness with integrity, transparency, fairness and accountability to obtain quality goods and services at a reasonable price.


The policy of the Company in relation to suppliers:

a.Procurement of goods and services shall be open to qualified suppliers and selected through a fair, competitive and transparent bidding process and fulfilling the requirements /criteria. 

b.All the requirements and information on procurement of goods and services, including the technical administrative requirements, the evaluation procedure, the results of the evaluation, the appointment of the prospective suppliers, are open for interested suppliers and for the general public.

c.The Company shall treat all suppliers equally without discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, race, and affiliated groups of the owner/management of the suppliers. 

d.The Company shall be objective, independent and fair in assessing, selecting suppliers, in evaluating the quality of the product and services, and in appointing the winner of the tender and in other matters related to the transaction with the suppliers.

e.Business arrangements with suppliers are written in an agreement based on good will and mutually beneficial and in compliance with the prevailing law. 


In procurement of goods and services, the personnel of  Angkasa Pura I is committed to:

a.Avoid the practice of collusion, corruption and nepotism (KKN).

b.Avoid and prevent the abuse of power for personal interest, or for the interest of other parties that may directly or indirectly cause a loss for the Company.

c.Apply the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in procurement of goods and services;

d.Ensure the payment procedure complies with the applicable law.



PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) establishes cooperations with creditors/investors in funding for the development of the Company’s business. 


Ethical standard :

a.The selection of the creditor/investor is based on the credibility of the institution and assessed through a procedure and mechanism set by PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero).

b.In maintaining the trust of the creditor/investor, PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) shall disclose financial information and non-financial information in an accountable manner;

c.Creditors and investors shall comply with the regulations set forth by PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero);

d.PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) is committed to honor all contracts with creditors/investors;

e.The agreement shall apply transparent and fairness principles to protect the interest of the parties involved in the agreement.


It is prohibited to:

a.Have different bookkeeping for creditors/investors;

b.Breach a contract/ agreement;

c.Enter into an agreement that is not transparent and fair.



In expanding its business, the Company may establish subsidiaries or joint ventures. The relationship with the subsidiaries or joint venture is aimed to develop a synergy and improve the company’s image and performance.


Ethical standard :

a. All personnel of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) shall maintain a reasonable business relationship with subsidiaries or joint ventures within an arm’s length relationship;

b.Mutually respect the interest of all parties involved under a mutually beneficial agreement.


It is prohibited to:

a.Intervene operational activities of the subsidiaries that are incompliant with the Articles of Association of the subsidiaries;

b.Enter into agreements that are not fair (more favorable for one party) or contain a flaw in the agreement.



Corporate Social Responsibility is the Company’s responsibility towards the local environment and community at large that are affected by the activities of the Company. 

As a Company that provides airport services, all personnel of the Company shall highly uphold the values of the local community, by: 

a.Ensuring safe procedures for the environment.

b. Developing and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the local community and make effort to provide benefit for the community, so that the Company is accepted and supported by the local people. The partnership program and supporting the environment to enhance the capacity of the small entrepreneurs and empowering the people are priority programs of Company in enhancing the welfare of the local people.

c.Encouraging the local community to build ownership of the assets of the Company and take part in protecting the assets and interest of the Company.

d.Maintaining good relationship and interaction with the local community to support the business of the Company.

e.Maintaining the cleanliness, security of the work area, and preserving the natural resources of the surrounding area of the Company’s business activities.

f.Supporting the local community’s activities and encourage participation of the personnel of the Company, with priority in supporting the welfare and preservation of the local area and adapt to the values of the local community.

g.Taking part in supporting the government and the community to reinforce the law and policy in promoting the welfare of the people through education, culture and social and economic activities.