PT Angkasa Pura Suport

30 Nov -0001

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Angkasa Pura Suport (APS) is one of Angkasa Pura Airports' subsidiaries, which since its establishment in 2012, had the initial goal of supporting the parent company in managing the airport operation. In 2014, APS expanded its business line by entering the commercial property segment outside the airport industry, and further expanded its wings in 2015 by developing service areas from the central to eastern regions of Indonesia.

As of now, APS has a wide range of business lines, including the field of building and property maintenance services, providing Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions for the development of Smart Technology, supplying equipment for building management, parking management, and digital product services.

For more information about Angkasa Pura Suport, please visit www.apsupports.com/