What you need to know about dinning & shopping at the airport

Angkasa Pura Airports with all business partners at 15 managed airports are committed to preparing a series of valuable travel experiences for aircraft service users through adapting the implementation of the COVID-19 Health Protocol by prioritizing security, comfort and health aspects.

We encourage business partners to adapt and provide services with health protocols as required by local health authorities in order to ensure the comfort of all aircraft service users when shopping at the airport. Service adaptation is carried out through :

  1. Provide protective equipment that employees may need, such as face shields, gloves, masks and health checks (< 38ºC)
  2. Adjustment of workspace and business in accordance with applicable physical distancing guidelines
  3. Provision of several hand sanitizer stations and or sinks in all areas accompanied by adequate signs / instructions for passengers
  4. Consider new protective measures if any, such as the installation of plexiglass shields between customer - facing employees
  5. Encourage the use of queuing stanchions and/or floor markings to campaign for the implementation of physical distancing.
  6. Improve cleanliness, cleaning and disinfection before and after use and adjust the number of staff allocated for cleaning operations based on capacity/volume of flights and passengers.
  7. Implementation of Circulation arrangements, Number of visitors/queues and time limits for visits at entrances and exits to prevent crowds/crowds.
  8. Requires the use of disposable tableware and the provision of packaged food and drinks to take home and or eat on the spot.
  9. Manage waste efficiently to minimize the spread of disease throughout the life cycle, stakeholders and waste management touchpoints.