Maintaining the safety and health of airport service users to create a more enjoyable trip

Angkasa Pura Airports is committed provide a sense of security and comfort to all service users through the implementation of health protocols at 15 airports.

The implementation of covid-19 safety and health protocol is carried out by reffering to international standards issued by ICAO through the Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) - "Take off Guideline for Aviation" with the main aim of protecting the health well-being of air travellers, airport personnel and the public, as well as stop the spread and transmission of covid-19 through:

  • Intensive and extensive celaning
  • Facility disinfection and sanitation
  • Implementation of social or physical distancing system
  • Temperature checks and health document
  • Application of the use of Personal Protective Equipment 
Facility Disinfection and Sanitation
  1. Provision of hand sanitizers or sinks that are easily accessible and in area frequented by service users 
  2. Spraying disinfectant regularly (everyday), especially before and after airport operating hours 
  3. Provision of special medical waste bins used to accommodate used masks
  4. Periodic cleaning or disinfection of vehicles by land transportation business actor
Implementation of the Physical/Social Distance System
  1. Giving stickers (signs) to encourage physical or social distancing
  2. Campaigning for the implementation of physical or social distancing digitally on monitor screens and through other media
  3. Announcement of physical or social distancing through loudspeakers

Welcome to the new normal